Jumat, 30 September 2011

Active@ Partition Recovery is a data recovery software tool that helps  to recover deleted partitions and logical disks on hard drives. Can  backup MBR (Master Boot Record), partition table, boot sectors. Restores  MBR from backup if the partition structure was damaged by a virus or  inadvertently deleted and you can also access any hard disk drive  sectors using “Disk Viewer”. Creates disk image. Runs from PC startup  disk.

Program Features:

* Recover deleted partitions (FAT and NTFS)
* Restore deleted FAT and NTFS Logical Drives
* Create Drive Image - for backup purposes
* Scan hard drives and detect deleted FAT and NTFS partitions and/or Drives
* Preview files and folders on deleted partition or drive, to recover proper data

Download : Active Partition Recovery 5.1.595 Enterprise

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